• Hopper sizes from 3m³ to 9m³
  • Fully galvanised spinner assembly
  • Ultrasonic
    salt sensor
  • 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 axle configurations
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Thoughtfully positioned hydraulics and electrics make the perfect combination for our Telstar

CPD Telstar have spent the past few years working on simplifying the gritting process, concentrating money, time and design on spread patterns and salt usage.

Thoughtfully positioned hydraulics and electrics combine to make ownership easy, while Telstar’s driver-friendly control box provides fingertip control of all operational functions. It can also be linked to options such as telematics, GPS, route optimisation and automated spreading systems for greater efficiency. Spread the word.

The research into salt usage has been focussed on where the salt sits within the machine and the ways in which any residual waste salt is washed away to avoid damaging affects to the mechanics of the vehicle and its external paint work.

Specially designed to withstand the harsh winter weather, all our Telstar’s have been designed with minimal maintenance in mind as all components have a long life span.

Telstar’s easy-to-use gritting control, with 7-inch colour screen controls everything from; predetermined gritting routes through to the beacon and plough functions.

Much of the Telstar’s resilience lies in its six layers of paint work consisting of four prime and two top coats and all the electrics are protected from salt contamination in sealed cabinets; CPD are confident at keeping maintenance call outs to a minimum.

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