• 14-second compaction cycle
  • 900 rpm from the chassis
  • Noise produced never exceeds 65db
  • Fuel consumption reduced by up to 25%
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The Titan body comes in varying sizes; ranging from 14m³ - 27m³ and is manufactured with smooth curved sides for easy cleaning and advertising

Titan’s 14-second compaction cycle is fuel-efficient and quiet. Requiring only 890rpm from the chassis, it offers fuel savings of up to 15%, and reaches only 65dB(A) when fitted to the Mercedes-Benz Econic. To further boost efficiency, Titan’s tailgate is lowered using gravity. It has the shortest rear overhang of all RCVs on the UK market meaning excellent maneuverability. The bodies and compaction systems are positioned to deliver class-leading payloads and only Titan RCVs remain legal without a counter-balance on a 3450mm wheelbase.  

Leading onto the hydraulics, these are mounted at the front of the collection body. The result? Better weight distribution, easy access, and the roof and hopper left clear. Electrics are located at ground level on the nearside – removing the need for engineers to work at height when carrying out electrical work, and body -mounted proximity switches are all of the same type and specification – for rapid fault diagnosis, easy replacement and reduced spare parts holdings. A multi-function screen provides a wide range of information, including bin counter and unloading procedures – and also incorporates a rear view camera.

Designed to link with the Mercedes-Benz on-board weighing system for GVW packer cut-off and axle overload protection, saving weight and cost. Titan sits beautifully with the Mercedes-Benz Econic chassis – both electronically and mechanically – and is available in capacities from 14m3 to 27m3 and GVWs from 18,000kg – 32,000kg.

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