• Pivot-linking
  • Compacting system only generates
    75dB of noise
  • Flexibility to accept all bin lifts
  • Cargopac bodies can be fixed onto any type of chassis
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Semat Cargopac lightweight body capacities range from 8m³ to 14m³ and are typically attached to DAF, Mercedes Atego and Iveco chassis.

The Semat brand is well known within the refuse collection industry and the Semat Cargopac is the vehicle of choice for many of CPD’s customer’s municipal waste collection needs. An ISO 9000 registered company guarantees any Semat product is manufactured to exacting standards of quality, resulting in minimum servicing and maintenance on the RCV

The Semat comes in multiple heights, widths and lengths and the Cargopac range is fixable to any type of chassis; meaning CPD can meet all your individual requirements and manufacture the RCV you need.

With the Cargopac’s increased manoeuvrability, varying sizes and quiet compacting system; only generating 75 dB of noise it’s the ideal vehicle for today’s inner-city waste collection rounds.

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